Dr. Brandy's Areas of Focus

  • Full Spine Chiropractic Care
  • Care of women, pregnant woman and children
  • Certified through ICPA in Webster’sTechnique – a technique specific to the needs of a woman during pregnancy, including low back pain and breach presentation
  • Hands-on and Instrument Adjusting Techniques available
  • Nutrition 

Brandy Spaulding, DC

Having been a chiropractic patient since childhood, Dr. Brandy recognizes the importance of chiropractic to not only reduce pain but also to improve health and function , therefore, making it a vital component in a family’s overall health and wellness plan.  She is a native of Chillicothe, and after several years in Iowa and Massachusetts, returned to her hometown in 2005 with her husband Dr. Joe and two children, Aiden and Mikayla. 

Dr. Brandy has devoted her professional career to supporting the body’s ability to function at its best through chiropractic and her practice has an emphasis on the care of women and children.  A member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, Dr. Brandy is certified in Webster Technique, a pregnancy specific technique proven effective at reducing low back pain during pregnancy, allowing breach presentations to return to a natural position, and reducing labor time and pain levels. 

Providing a highly effective, drugless option for women during what should be a very joyous time for them is one of the most rewarding parts of Dr. Brandy’s work.  Postgraduate interests include Nutrition and its role in health and most recently, the pursuit of her Diplomate in Chiropractic Acupuncture.  Dr. Brandy has been traveling to St. Louis for the past 12+ months and is very excited to be offering acupuncture services in-office starting summer 2017. 

Outside of the office she serves in First Capital Rotary, as President of The Buck Fifty, The Ohio State Chiropractic Association’s Board as District 12 Director and as Chairwoman of the Governmental Affairs Committee.   However, the most important credential she holds is the title of Mommy.   In her spare time she enjoys running, spending time with family and watching her kids play, as well as, coach them in their activities.